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Inner Voice Coaching

Classic Inner Voice Session (2 hours)

If you wish to deepen your own connection with your intuition this is perfect for you.

In two hours I will help you to go beyond mind and connect to your inner wisdom. You will receive personalized inner guidance, release mental/emotional blockages, and experience feelings of deep stillness and peace.

I will help you move into listening mode instead of thinking up all the answers to your questions. 

The session will be recorded so you do not have to take any notes or even try to remember what was said. This will help you let go even more and dive deeper into yourself.


Inner Voice session - short (1 hour)

This is perfect for when you have already experienced a Classic Inner Voice Session. We can address specific questions or topics that you would like to get more clarity on. You know how to tap into your inner voice and I can help you to go deeper into yourself and receive the answers.


Emotional release session (1 hour)

​Unprocessed emotions tend to get stuck in the body and often seem to bubble up at inappropriate times.


Every day things can happen that trigger you. For example when somebody touches a painful subject and (unwillingly) you react strongly and/or defensive to this (internally or externally). 

Or sometimes you feel you have "parked" certain emotions like sadness, anger or fear for so long and you do not know how to express these feelings. These emotions can and talking therapy sometimes feels like to big of a hurdle. 

I will help you release these old stuck emotions. You will leave with this session feeling like a weight has been lifted. Also, you will have the tools to do this for yourself when an emotional trigger arises in the future.



Gym for the intuition

(1 hour)

This session aims at strengthening the connection with your intuition. It is like going to the gym build your intuitive muscle in different ways and find out what ways you make the easiest connection. 

Inner Voice package

(2 months)

We will design a tailor made package together. Based exactly on your needs. You will receive sessions every week. This will be a transformative 2 months where you deeply connect to your inner voice and receive the healing you need. It is like landing in a nest where you create the time to make a beautiful connecting with you!

Contact me if this feels like a YES!

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