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Meet Cathrine

Certified Inner Voice Facilitator

My work journey has been diverse and a refection of my curiosity, ongoing interest in inner development and love for people.

I have a educational and work background in both Organizational as Clinical psychology. Due to several life changing experiences I no longer felt flow and joy doing the work I did. I felt as though I had lost connection to myself, to what I really wanted and needed. These were mere rational concepts in my head. I had all these beliefs of who I was and what my path should be, but were these beliefs even mine? I became interested in body focused therapy. It seemed like I could learn about myself and others by a new way of observing: From the inside out. By noticing how my body reacted in situations I realized it was acting like a signpost. For example: If I feel a YES my body feels like it opens and  I feel a form of excitement. A NO feels like closing or contraction. When I am tense, my stomach would hurt or my shoulders tighten. I can hide my feelings, but my body is unable to lie. It has given me a lot of insight in myself and it has helped me and others to feel better in their skin (literally and figuratively). This was a road I wanted to walk: with a wisdom that comes from within. That is felt through the senses and therefor tailor made for every individual.

I always felt that there is an original path for everyone and that only you know what is the right path for you. Not from a head space (that can be so problem focused), but from this place of joy and peace. When I came in touch with Inner Voice Facilitation I felt so exited. Like it was the missing link. I recognized this sense of Inner Voice/Inner Wisdom/Soul right away. At a certain point in my life I felt I had hit absolute rock bottom. I was so full of fear and felt like I was falling fast and hard until....everything became silent. It was like I was in the eye of the storm. I could see what was happening around me, but I felt I was okay no matter what happened. I had read about this in a book by Joseph Frankl (Man's search for meaning), but now I felt it. As if it was happening to the character of Cathrine, but not to the real me. I love getting in touch with this part of me and to help others do the same! It is so wonderful, peaceful, joyful and wise. I can still be inspired by the wisdom of others, but feel like it is no longer needed to find my own way. 


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