Mind vs Inner Voice

The mind is a wonderful tool! It can be seen as the processor of a computer. It does not come up with the creative input, but it is is a powerful executor. It has been programmed with beliefs that we received from our surroundings (parents, teachers, peers, media, culture). It's main purpose is to keep you safe. It looks out for any threats to your safety and it loves rules of what you should, could or need to do. It is less concerned with what you want.  It can help you to remember, plan, analyse, predict (possible dangerous circumstances), overall it loves to solve puzzles. It is also the place where your fears and worries reside. The mind is risk averse. By trying to keep us safe it keeps us in the past, it holds us back by playing the negative tapes we’ve stored in our heads for years and therefor can keep you from growing.  

The mind certainly has it's place but  in order to grow and increase your potential you need guidance from your inner voice or inner wisdom. 

You can connect to your inner voice by connecting to your body. The  inner voice  can be experienced in different ways for different people. Some feel it in their heart or gut, some hear it like a speaking voice

As opposed to the mind the Inner Voice is calm, quiet and at peace. It has a very wise, calming, loving energy, which is also why it tends to get over shouted out by the frantic, stern energy of the mind. I will help you go to listening mode to connect to the wisdom of your inner voice.

Your inner voice knows what to do. You just have to take the leap to trust it.


- thinking, doing

- actions, planning, execution

- expectations based on conditioning

- reports (pro's vs con's)

- logic, reasoning, information

- memory

- judgement and fear

Inner Voice:

- knowing, being

- decides

- loves

- intuition, realizations

- non-attachment

- only concerned with the NOW

- compassion and wisdom

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