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Online Coaching with Cathrine van Eeghen

I would love to help you discover that everything you need to know is inside of you.


Meet Cathrine

Certified Inner Voice Facilitator

It is wonderful to see people be amazed by what they find when they bring their awareness inside of themselves. All the answers to the questions you have are inside of you. When you find this out a whole new world opens up. I cannot wait to work with you! 


What I Specialize In


Gym for the intuition

(45 minutes)


Beyond your mind you can find your essence

“It’s an incredible experience to stay in your inner voice for almost 2 hours. Cathrine did a wonderful job in guiding me, my mind and my inner voice. I felt an intense connection and knowing to a deeper part of myself”

- Susanne

“This was my first inner voice session ever. I will definitely do it again. I do a lot of energy work but reading others is so much easier for me than listening to my own guidance. This is a beautiful way to come to that guidance. The way it was done made me feel safe and secure and really helped me dive deep. The answers that came were profound for me and definitely gave me a lot of reflection. I am super grateful.”

- Karen

“I had such great experience in my Inner Voice Session with Cathrine. She created a a safe space for me to connect to my Inner Voice easily and thanks to her great questioning I received a lot of guidance for my life situation right now.”

- Jenny

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